Five tips on how to add fun into homework

Assignments and homework are a nightmare for most students and parents. After spending a third of the day at school, students have to complete their tasks, which take up to two hours on average. If there were a way of going around assignments, then probably most students would opt for that, but as of now, as long as homework is still a thing, there’s no alternative. Students may resume school the following day with their assignments undone and end up getting low grades. Conversely, they may spend most of their time doing homework and end up being late for school the following morning. Take notes from these hints, and I’m sure you will never see homework as annoying and burdening again.

  1. Dedicate a new place for your assignments.

The first thing about making homework fun is by creating a comfortable working environment. When a student has his/her own space for assignments, they appreciate and value the workspace. If you didn’t have this before, then it’s high time you get your working area free from distractions and noise. Make sure to find a place with good lighting as well. Concentration on your assignments increases and thus making the whole process of doing homework like a fun adventure. Stocking your area of study with stationery and relevant study material will boost the effect it has on your homework. Give it a name if you like; study heaven.

  1. Reward yourself for tasks completed.

All kids have something they love, be it candy, video games, chocolate, playing with the kitten, going to the zoo, watching a movie, etc. By promising children these things, on the account that they complete their tasks, you make the process of doing homework seem like a job with benefits or a cool treasure hunt. Who can pass on such an opportunity? I know I can’t, that’s for sure.

  1. Incorporate snacks while doing assignments.

The difference between this hint and the previous one is the duration. Motivation is essential when you are doing an assignment and after completing it. Doing tasks on an empty stomach is not advisable. This method, although somewhat unorthodox, enhances the learner’s ability to grasp content they are reading. Incorporating snacks like cookies or biscuits helps children concentrate on their tasks and ultimately makes doing homework fun. Just keep in mind that the snacks should be light and healthy. Snacks that may get your hands messy are out of the question.

  1. Go for breaks and stay fresh.

Doing homework is tiring and time-consuming. Taking a break will help you come back fresh as you pick up from where you left. It could be five minutes, or ten. Also, after a pause, you can recalibrate your concentration. Engage in something fun during the break period like dancing, having a short play, singing, refilling your coffee, etc.

  1. Parents and children should work together when doing homework.

Most parents are busy all day but, in the evening, when they come home, they should make an effort to help their children with their homework, or at least take the advantage of professional test takers for hire. Students should also feel free to ask for help where they have challenges from their parents or siblings. Giving advice on something or proposing a change on a topic helps boosts the kid’s confidence when doing homework, and in the end, the process becomes more fun.


Making homework fun is a task that requires both parent and student efforts. Such an act goes a long way in strengthening the bond between children and their parents.