Impact of Too Much Homework On a Student’s Health and How Parents Can Help

Children nowadays are under too much pressure. Exceptional standards to meet, life-changing so fast, complex relationships between them and their parents and their mates. All these things make them anxious and at times, even lead to depression. Homework is among the difficult tasks a student should do. But, it might be a bit overwhelming for a student, especially if it’s too much. Here, we will learn how parents can help their children with their homework to avoid health issues and aid their productivity. 

Importance of Homework to Children

Homework is essential in the education system. It comes with a lot of benefits such as

  • It instils important skills, like solving problems and good time management.
  • It is essential in building a student’s memory and training automatic skills. 
  • Doing the homework late in the afternoon reinforces the Student’s knowledge.
  • Homework helps parents see how their kids are performing and give them a chance to contribute to their performance positively.

Apart from levelling up their knowledge, homework also helps in building strong relationships between parents and their kids. A lot of homework may lead to health problems in the students.

Adverse Effects of Enormous Homework Load

Teachers are responsible for the quantity of work a student carries home. A lot of homework might affect a student negatively in the following ways.

  • It affects the Student’s general social communication because they barely have spare time to communicate with their mates
  • It decreases the levels of productivity. When kids get overwhelmed with homework, their creative and development skills are greatly affected.
  • Too much homework lowers the Student’s interest in learning new topics and even affects their general performance in school.
  • Spending leisure time doing challenging assignments increases stress levels and leads to other psychological problems.
  • Teachers should come up with strategies that make homework exciting. Challenging but also inspirational to the learners.

Parents Helping Kids with Homework

Parents need to monitor how children are faring. If a parent notices their kids spending a lot of time on their homework, it is necessary to do the following.

Identify the problem

The National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) recommends that a 1st grader should spend ten or fewer minutes in their homework. A 2nd grader should spend 20 or fewer minutes in their homework.

Checking the Child’s Focus on their Homework

Kids might complain of too much assignment only to lock themselves in their rooms to do other things like using their electronic devices. It is hence, vital for the parents to monitor their kids as they do their homework.

Creating a suitable study pace and a Homework Routine

Making the child’s study space spacious and comfortable increases the child’s productivity. Creating homework routines is also very important in developing good time management and organization skills

If Need Be, Visit the Teacher

A child may have difficulty doing their assignment or taking too much time on it. Taking supplementary classes may also help the students out.

Finding a Balance between Home and School

Parents come in handy when the child tries to strike a home and school-life balance. Good management of time and organization increases the Student’s productivity and success.  


Homework can be a little bit overwhelming to a student leading to health problems. Parents and teachers are a big part in making sure students are not overwhelmed with their homework. Fortunately, there are several reliable homework help services online, such as Do My Homework 123, so students can always get the assistance they need.